November 2018

Stay engaged throughout reimagining journey

Colleagues and friends,

We have had many engagements around the Reimagining IT plan since early August, and more are scheduled throughout the end of the year. There is a common denominator in each of these engagements, and that is the collective pride and passion everyone who works here has for this great University.

That pride and passion fuel the work of the Reimagining IT team to create positive change as we fill in more details of the plan to meet our goals: align IT resources with the University’s strategic plan, optimize our investments in technology and services, and create capacity to support innovation.

We all should be mindful that nothing is currently changing, and nothing will change without you knowing about it ahead of time. That being said, we need to maintain forward progress on projects. It’s critically important for our faculty, researchers, students and staff to be able to count on us to provide the world-class IT service and support they need.

I invite you to stay up-to-date on the plan as it evolves by visiting In addition to learning about the components of the plan, you can submit feedback at any time. Your questions and comments are important to help inform next steps of the journey.

Best regards,

Michael Kubit
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer