May 2019

Do not let uncertainty impact momentum

Colleagues and friends,

Momentum is easy to maintain when we know precisely what steps are ahead so we can track our progress toward our goal. When the direction is not as clear, it may be tempting to let doubt dim the excitement and become mired in uncertainty.

In reality, the future is rarely, if ever, transparent. Think about life. We dream about the future. We save to make our dreams a reality. And then we get thrown a curveball and have to adapt. This is no different. We don’t have insight into every project that is underway throughout our institution – or even within our own organization. However, that lack of knowledge and uncertainty about the bigger picture cannot undermine forward progress on our work, even when priorities change or the approach evolves.

Motivation research indicates we need three things to be highly engaged and high performing: a shared sense of purpose; the belief we have the abilities, information and strategies to succeed; and a sense of some control over the situation. Our creativity, motivation, and performance can be unstoppable when we have all three. 

As we move further along the Reimagining IT journey, we will continue to face opportunities as well as uncertainties. Although we know where we need to be in the future, our path is evolving. I encourage you to not let that impact our momentum. Focus on what you have control over – your work and your contributions to our University. The plan will continue to come into focus as we work together on the next steps of the journey and build on the successes we have already realized.

Michael Kubit
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer