April 2019

People are our most valuable asset

Colleagues and friends,

No workforce can stay stagnant and expect to improve. This is particularly true in Information Technology, where today’s skills will likely not meet future needs of our students, faculty, and staff. As technology changes, so must we. 

A wise investment for any organization is the investment in people. Providing opportunities for people to grow and evolve pays rich dividends as they become better positioned to adapt to changing demands of the workplace.

Our workforce must change to realize the vision of Reimagining IT: align resources with the University mission and strategic plan, optimize our investments in technology and services, and create capacity to support innovation. Our IT Talent Management team is helping to guide this process, starting with surveying staff to gather a range of data, including how much time they spend on various IT tasks and their professional development goals. This information will help guide next steps as we frame out our new organization.

In thinking about the future, this is all about opportunity – opportunity to grow, opportunity to develop new skills, opportunity to pursue new career paths. Investing in the development of our IT workforce is critically important to ensure we have the kind of talent we need to support the University’s mission well into the future.

Best regards, 

Michael Kubit
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer