From the July 23 all-staff meeting

Q. How does the change in leadership affect the job redesign effort?

A. It doesn’t affect it at all.

Q. Will there be a temporary hiring freeze?

A. Right now there is no freeze, but we want to make sure when we do hire that we are making the wisest decision about what we need, especially for positions on the Senior Leadership Team.

Q. Is Don headed toward becoming the permanent vice president of IT, or are plans underway to start a search to fill the position?

A. As long as I’m here, you’re stuck with me. And then when I’m not, I’m not.

Q. In your email, you mentioned wanting to accelerate our progress. Do you have specific plans in mind for achieving that?

A. I suspect that most of you know ways we can do things better and faster. It’s important when we talk about engagement that we make sure those ideas make it up to senior leadership and then we can implement them. We’re going to be working from our end and from yours.

Q. What is the current status of Michael?

A. He’s on leave.

Q. You mentioned about looking for ideas, and ideas being directed upward. Do you have a mechanism for that?

A. Start with your leaders. We’re going to do our best to engage the IT leaders around the university. If they know about an idea, hopefully then we’ll know about it. We’ll be able to evaluate if the idea makes sense, what it would take to put it in motion, and how we should prioritize it.

Q. Are there thoughts around bringing ITLC [Information Technology Leadership Council] back into being?

A. Yes, there are thoughts. It will be discussed more at the IT Leaders meeting.

Q. What do you see as our largest areas of opportunity for engaging some of our stakeholders, specifically the larger colleges?

A. Network is something that everybody can benefit from. Then we can look at some foundational things, like speeding up some processes around hiring or where we can get depth so we’re not dependent on one person when something breaks. Those are the kinds of things we’re going to look for.

Q. Can you give us an update on the status of the job redesign project?

A. In August we’re probably going to begin what we’re referring to as “the road show.” We’ll go out and explain what the project looks like. Then you’ll receive a letter about what your actual new job title is. We’re going to get it done this year.

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