OneIT Vision

On June 30, 2017, Michael Kubit shared his objectives for Penn State Information Technology (IT). While there are IT departments spread throughout multiple campuses and colleges, Kubit’s objectives work toward a vision of OneIT across Penn State. Continue reading OneIT Vision

May 2017 Penn State IT All-Staff Meeting

On May 15, 2017, staff members from across Penn State IT gathered for the Penn State IT All-Staff Meeting. During the meeting, Michael Kubit shared his observations from his first few months at Penn State IT, including the importance of investing in our staff members and a need for closer alignment with Penn State’s strategic plan. The IT Impact Awards were also presented to outstanding staff members across Penn State IT. Continue reading May 2017 Penn State IT All-Staff Meeting

Discovery Working Groups

During the May 2017 IT Leadership Summit, Michael Kubit announced the creation of seven Discovery Working Groups tasked with collecting data around applications, budget and finance, communications, infrastructure, people, security and risk, and service management with Penn State IT. Continue reading Discovery Working Groups