Michael Kubit brought staff up-to-date with the progress of the Reimagining IT work in his November webinar, “RIT Checkpoint: Making Adjustments and Moving Forward.”

The initiative is currently in the planning stage. The preliminary timeline and budget for the Reimagining IT initiative are being developed, along with the system for unit assessments. In addition, the team is identifying staffing needs for the program as the transition from planning to execution of the plan gets underway.

Michael said the discovery phase will start in January in some units. During discovery, a team will work to better understand the services, people, processes and finances of each unit. Data collected will inform decisions about the transition to Penn State IT, the new organization that is being created. Early partners in the process will help to shape the process that each unit will go through.

At the same time, work will continue to redesign IT job profiles and define what is IT work.

The Reimagining IT initiative is not moving in a linear way, but has built-in opportunities for engaging and course-correcting along the way. There have been at least 30 engagements with the University so far, and feedback and input from each has helped to shape the dynamic nature of the plan.

Michael noted two successes can be celebrated at this stage of the initiative: one, the University community supports the premise that a better way to deliver IT is needed; and two, there has been positive response to the RIT vision to align resources with the University’s mission and strategic plan, optimize our investments in technology and services and create capacity to support innovation.

A number of questions were asked during the webinar, which can be found on the FAQ section on the homepage.

The next webinar will be held at 11 a.m. January 21.