May webinar focused on workforce, leadership

May 31, 2018

Workforce development and the importance of strong leadership were two of the themes in the “IT Is All About People” May webinar with Michael Kubit.

He noted that people are our most valuable asset, and much thought is being given to how to best position our workforce to continue to provide the services the University needs. In order to build tomorrow’s IT organization, key requirements are the abilities to build interdependencies between teams that have to work together, bring in nontraditional talent such as freelancers, and recruit specific hires that will supplement the needs of the University.

In examining leadership, he said leaders set the example; they inspire hope and vision. It is also the job of leaders to make sure staff are developing in their careers.

Before opening up the session to audience questions, Kubit advised staff to move away from focusing on the past, think of opportunities for the future, and find how we might be able to impact change in a positive way at the University.

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