OneIT Vision

Jun 30, 2017

On June 30, 2017, Michael Kubit shared his objectives for Penn State Information Technology (IT). While there are IT departments spread throughout multiple campuses and colleges, Kubit’s objectives work toward a vision of OneIT across Penn State. The following objectives will be achieved through continued development and oversight of policies, resources, and services provided by Penn State IT and the central IT department.


  • Shared vision: Through the mentality of OneIT, we will establish a cross-University, shared vision for IT.
  • Culture of service: We are a service organization that exists to empower and enable Penn State’s mission through enabling infrastructure, responsive service, effective administrative systems, and balanced innovation.
  • Optimize investments: We will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of technology delivery through harmonizing resources and infrastructure. This will be achieved by aligning investments to the IT mission and strategic plan, leveraging buying power with vendors, and creating a balance between investments in infrastructure and innovation.
  • Differentiate: We will position technology to be a differentiator for the University, moving Penn State to the forefront of higher education institutions.
  • Protect: In a close partnership with the chief information security officer, Kubit will assist in providing a long-term strategic vision, resources, and leadership to secure Penn State’s network infrastructure, sensitive data, student information, and other critical information assets.