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Looking toward the future of IT at Penn State

Colleagues and friends,

Change brings uncertainties and opportunities, and our responses to change are often rooted in which we choose to embrace.

You’ve heard about change in our organization in recent weeks — changes that will occur within Enterprise IT in the coming months, as well as change that will evolve over the coming years in the Reimagining IT effort.

How do you react when you hear the word “change”? Personally, I’m energized by the opportunities and excited by the potential we can achieve together in our organization.

I see the strong leadership within our organization stepping up to outline our course and working within their units to inform staff around what is happening and why it’s necessary. Their ability to articulate, communicate, and answer questions helps those around them have the facts to interpret change in a positive manner, rather than forming opinions in a void of uncertainty.

I’m also energized by the collaboration that is unfolding.

The Senior Leadership Team collaborated closely on the organizational changes in EIT, to not only minimize disruption to staff but to thoughtfully consider the best alignments within units. Likewise, the Reimagining IT Team has come together as visionaries. These are the kind of leaders who are breaking the mold. We know we are on a journey, but our path is unclear. They are working to uncover that path.

Change is a given. It is what we as IT professionals need to embrace and embody to best serve our University.

I invite you to keep an open mind, take advantage of every opportunity to ask questions and learn more, and join us on this journey.

Best regards,

Michael Kubit
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

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Michael Kubit

Vice President for Information Technology,
Chief Information Officer

Michael Kubit brings more than thirty years of higher education experience to his role as Penn State University’s vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer (VPIT/CIO). Kubit provides strategic leadership for more than eighty Penn State IT units and 1,600 IT professionals through focusing on building and supporting the growing infrastructure and services offered by Penn State IT.

Mission and Vision


Penn State IT is a service organization, dedicated to serving the needs of our students, faculty, and staff members through responsive service and support, enabling infrastructure, effective administrative systems, and strategic innovation.


Information Technology at Penn State

We Are Penn State.

Year one report

Michael Kubit presented his Year One report on Information Technology at Penn State to University leadership in February. These presentations included: President’s Council, Academic Leadership Council, and the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Audit and Risk.

This report:

  • summarizes trends that affect higher education
  • outlines the goals for fiscal year 2017-2018
  • includes the mission, vision and strategy for Penn State IT; and
  • examines areas of opportunity

Download the PDF

Senior Leadership

The Penn State IT senior leadership team — led by Michael Kubit, VPIT/CIO — includes six senior directors, a Financial Officer strategic partner, and a Human Resources strategic partner. The senior directors work throughout the University and with IT staff members to create new initiatives, protect University technology, collaborate with faculty and researchers, and cultivate operational excellence. The HRSP elevates the VP/CIO’s commitment to providing employees a work environment conducive to equal opportunity for learning, personal growth, and shared information. The financial officer supports the shared vision of the VP/CIO by providing financial insight and planning for the stewardship of our investment in IT.

Jon Crutchfield

Senior Director,
Business Intelligence

Ken Forstmeier

Interim Senior Director,
Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations

Jennifer Sparrow

Senior Director,
Teaching and Learning with Technology

Jen Stedelin

Senior Director,
Strategic Operations

Allen Stubblefield

Interim Senior Director,
Enterprise Service Management

Bill Wrobleski

Senior Director,

Erika Shoffner

Human Resources
Strategic Partner

Tim Shuey

Financial Officer
Strategic Partner

Executive Staff

Krystal McMillen
Executive Assistant

Heather White
Administrative Support Coordinator

Margaret Moses
Executive Communications