IT’s purpose examined in August webinar

Sep 5, 2018

Daily demands on our work schedule can make it easy to lose focus on our true purpose as IT professionals. We exist to enable the important work of the University, which Michael discussed in the August webinar, “Connecting with Our Purpose.”

IT plays a critical role for every one of our nearly 100,000 students – whether it is their access to email, Canvas, LionPATH, or the network.

Research at Penn State is approaching a billion-dollar annual expenditure. That research is fundamentally about making the world a better place, and IT both enables this work and keeps it secure.

The University provides service to the commonwealth and beyond, and our extension offices in every county are testaments to that service in support of the agriculture industry, a key economic driver in the state.

Michael acknowledged that work can be stressful but remembering why we do what we do can bring clarity to the importance of focusing on people, building bridges, and continuously striving to improve.

That is also central to reimagining IT, which will create capacity for the organization to work more efficiently and optimally align resources in support of the University’s strategic plan.

For answers to some of the questions asked during the webinar, please see the FAQ section on the homepage.