June 2018 Enterprise IT Staff Meeting

Jun 7, 2018

During the June 2018 Enterprise IT (EIT) staff meeting, the Senior Leadership Team and Michael Kubit, vice president for IT and chief information officer, unveiled changes that will occur in the coming months within EIT. The changes position the organization for alignment with the University’s needs, equip us for a changing technology world, and prepare us for the future as the Reimagining IT (RIT) plan emerges.

The senior directors will be communicating with their teams in the near future to share more detailed information. Below is a brief outline of changes and projected time frames:

Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations (EI&O)
Individual parts of this unit will be moved to other units as Interim Senior Director Ken Forstmeier prepares for retirement later this year. Those moves are noted below.

Enterprise Applications Services
A senior director will be in place in the fall for this new unit. Software Engineering and Information Services and Consulting will move from EI&O to this unit.

Strategic Operations
Project Management will move from EI&O to Strategic Operations.

Enterprise Service Management
Desktop Support will move from EI&O to this unit, under Enterprise Support Services.

Teaching and Learning with Technology
Education Technology Services has been renamed Innovation.

Business Intelligence
This unit will be divided into two teams: Core Services and Engagement.

Three new areas are being created: Application Infrastructure, Core Infrastructure, and Customer Experience. Customer Experience will have subsets of Data Center Services, Systems Engineering, and Enterprise Networking and Communication Services (ENCS). Information Security will move from EI&O to this unit. The Cloud Team will move temporarily from Strategic Operations to this unit.

Time frames
July 1: Majority of these changes will take effect
August 15: Infrastructure changes will take effect. Due to the scope and complexity of the changes, Bill Wrobleski, Infrastructure senior director, will use the next two months to work with staff on the specifics of the reorganization.
End of 2018: New Enterprise Application Services senior director will be hired.