IT Leadership Summit

Mar 22, 2017

On March 22, 2017, IT leaders from across the University came together for a leadership summit to discuss a shared vision for Penn State IT. Attendees began the day networking with new and familiar colleagues from across the University to strengthen relationships and promote cross-collaboration. Ann Clements, associate professor of music education, and Adri van Duin, professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering, kicked off the meeting with presentations on the many ways faculty use and rely on services provided by Penn State IT. Afterward, attendees drafted vision statements through written statements, vision board collages, or news headlines they would like to see written about Penn State IT. Groups also completed SWOT analysis on five different communities throughout Penn State IT: campuses; colleges; University Libraries, Teaching and Learning with Technology, and research; administration; and enterprise. Some recurring themes gathered from these activities include: a need for increased collaboration across Penn State IT and closer alignment with Penn State’s strategic plan, as well as more effective communication. Based on those identified needs, seven Discovery Working Groups were established to address the following areas: people, budget and finance, security and risk, applications, communications, service management, and infrastructure. The day’s events are an important step in ensuring Penn State IT is meeting the needs of the broader University, said Michael Kubit, vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer. “I’m excited by the amount of energy and motivation demonstrated by the IT leadership in attendance,” Kubit said. “The diverse perspectives and ideas gathered will be crucial as we move forward in a more unified and collaborative direction.”